dark fox

THE DAWN OF THE DARK FOX feature builds on the developing collaboration between biggerhouse film maker Tom Stubbs and Michael Smith, who have been working together for over 10 years. Their first film LIGHT & DARK made in 2008, took the audience prize at Encounters and is a comedy about autism, friendship and the film making process combining documentary, fiction & fantasy.

Creative England has announced its support in funding DAWN OF THE DARK FOX – a feature film project produced in association with 104 films – the world leaders in disability cinema. Michael, who has autism spectrum disorder, has channelled his unique vision into this exciting project.

104 films producer Alex Usborne said: “We are delighted that Creative England has supported this project. It sends a strong message about their commitment to diversity and disability in the UK film industry.”

A biggerhouse production for 104 films with development funding from Creative England

Creative England press release

Creative England reveal production award

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